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Daystar U.S.

Daystar U.S. exists to mobilize resources for Daystar University.  Daystar U.S. is responsible for communicating the compelling vision and mission of Daystar University to churches, individuals, and foundations in the United States.  We focus our fundraising efforts on the priorities of Daystar University which include general operating expenses, scholarships, capital projects, and endowment.  Since 1988, Daystar U.S. has raised over $18 million for Daystar University.

Daystar University

Daystar University is a Christian liberal arts university in Nairobi, Kenya.  Daystar’s mission is to educate Christ-centered servant leaders to transform Africa.  Daystar has over 4,400 students from over 20 countries.  Daystar University was founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 1974 with the vision of providing high quality education for African students.  During the past three decades, Daystar has sent out more than 14,000 graduates to impact Africa in slums, businesses, banks, schools, churches, TV stations, and more. 


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