Degree: BA Communications- Public Relations Major
Country: Kenya

I am the first born in a family of six children, raised in Western Kenya, a town called Busia. My mother was a Christian, and a humble, prayerful, hardworking lady. She taught us how to pray and look up to God. My step-father was a drunk and very violent. He endeavored to provide for us, but was absent from home most times. Unfortunately, my mother passed away while I was 13years old, and 12 years later my father died as well. As the first born, I have been burdened with the responsibility of taking care of my siblings. Without a stable source of income, and a university degree to help secure a job, it has been a daunting task, a difficult experience to provide for my younger sisters and brothers. However, God has been faithful, always providing just enough bread for the day to carry us on. I wait in hope. I may not know about tomorrow, but I sure know who holds tomorrow, and I know He is holding my hand.

While attending a church conference in 1995, the preacher spoke about having complete trust in God. A small firm voice kept asking me, “Do you really trust God, or is it your mother that you trust? Why won’t you fully trust in me?” The more I thought about that voice, the more I got troubled. Later that evening I knelt by my bed and asked the Lord to come into my life and help me to trust Him. Three months later, my mother passed away and it came to my realization that God was indeed preparing me for what was ahead. Psalms139:16 has been my comfort, “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” And so I hope, I trust, I wait in hope for the Lord.

I am studying for a Bachelors of Arts in Communication. Daystar University has proved to be the best academic institution in the region offering the course. Above all, being a Christian institute is helping me to shape my life not just academically, but help build my Christian character- to become a “Day-Star” that shines at all times and outshines even the brightest light. I can attest that Daystar University has established an environment where I know I’m valued as an individual. It offers an all-round approach in addressing the needs of students. Emphasis on servant leadership has been profound. I endeavor to live and share with others what I have learned in Daystar University. God’s call has been to reach out to others in love, prayer, care and sharing. In my family, I endeavor to be a true role model to my siblings, to give myself and offer my abilities to the growth and expansion of God’s work by serving in my local church; to minister to the hurting, sorrowing hearts of many people out in the world or close in our midst.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the scholarship award. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to continue with my studies in Daystar University. This scholarship means a lot to me and has made a huge difference. It covers tuition for the upcoming academic year. Thus, I will be able to concentrate fully in my studies without having to worry deeply about my school fees. My family is elated too. As the first person to pursue a university degree in the family, my siblings have encouraged me to hope and keep on trusting in God, knowing there is nothing too difficult for Him. Thank you for partnering with God to be my answered prayer. I endeavor to study hard, perform well and be a blessing to someone else. Once again, thank you very much.

Ann Muthoni