Name: David

Degree: B.A Communication (Electronic Media)

Nationality: Kenyan 

My home is in Kisumu County, in the country side. I am the firstborn among three other siblings. My parents are unemployed. My father is a subsistent farmer and is involved in various community development projects at home. My mother is a priest and is partly attached to Grace Bible College in Kisumu. They both do not have a steady income source. As a result, my family has been experiencing great financial difficulties. The lack of a benefactor and financial support from relatives has also led to the inability to raise fees. Since joining Daystar in 2010, the following years to date have been a struggle in studying as I have been missing exams due to the inability to raise the fees. Up to date, I have successfully completed 48 hours only. If I could have sat for all my exams, I could have possibly graduated this year or 2015. For this reason, I have been looking and applying for financial aid. I have presented my case to the financial aid office, sought for a sports scholarship through the sports docket. I have sought for scholarships through various organizations and companies but they have all been unsuccessful. I also had applied for work study last year but I didn’t manage to get it but I have already reapplied for it. Except for a loan and a one-time financial aid I received from Daystar US, I have lacked adequate and consistent means to pay my fees. I am desperately in need of financial aid to enable me to finish my studies as all avenues I have tried in raising fees have failed.

I came to know the Lord back in primary school in class seven. I have been brought up in a Christian background and my parents have always been teaching me and guiding me in the faith. Through this and their encouragement to receive salvation, I got saved upon an alter call after a sermon and the conviction to receive Jesus Christ into my heart. Since then I have been gradually been learning more about God and walking in a godly path.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communication, concentration on Electronic Media. I chose this course because it is something I am passionate about. I am also studying it at Daystar University because it is the best university in the region in this field. I want to be a respected media personality and inspiration in the media industry. It is also in line with my dream of establishing a media and music company through which I will exploit my talent in music in the gospel music industry. I am also active in various extra-curricular activities such as sports in which I play basketball in the school team. I also a member of the Daystar Theatre Arts Club and the Daystar Intercessory Team. I have also served in the previous DUSA academics and sports committees and I still serve in the current sports committee. I am also the current Mr Academics 2013-2014 and Mr Daystar 2014.                 

I also served in the organizing committee of the Daystar Lukenya Run and served in various other activities and functions in and out of school. I also serve as a youth leader in my home church. 

I am an active Daystar basketball player since 2010 and I am the assistant captain. My current achievements are being able to represent the school in the East African Games in Tanzania last year. I also participated in last year’s Kenya Beat Battle that took place in a church Nairobi West that is a music producer’s talent exhibition and competition.

I believe that God has a purpose for each one of us and he gives us the gifts, talents and abilities or capacities we have to help us achieve that purpose. I hope first to be a positive influence and role model, both academically and spiritually here in Daystar University as Mr Daystar and Mr Academics before my term ends. I also plan to influence the youth into holy and responsible living through the Gospel music industry and media industry through my talent in music, the respectable media personality I dream to be and through the dream company that I want to establish towards this cause. I also strongly feel that my talents and gifts in music and aspirations will be helpful in my mother’s ministry of spreading the gospel and positively influencing the youth through film. I also believe after I graduate from Daystar University, I will have a strong and transformed heart and mind, well equipped to be a leader and an agent of transformation and servant in God’s kingdom and the society. In all this I know I will not only serve God and society as I want to but also discover God’s divine will and purpose for me.