Name: Judy

Degree: B.A in Communication & B.A in Psychology and Counseling

Nationality: Kenyan

I am the fourth born in a family of eight, four siblings and three step siblings. I grew up in Mombasa for the first 15 years then my family relocated to Kericho County. I come from a family of Christians thus we all have a Biblical orientation. Christian values have been instilled in me from a young age and these are among the few things I would never want to part with. Despite the financial constraints, I still appreciate the family God placed me in and what He is constantly doing in our lives. 

Judy Cheptoo 135x175x72.png

I came to know Christ in the year 2011, just before joining Daystar University. This followed a conviction I had in the quietness of my room. My journey in salvation has been that of growth and progress. Knowing all too well, I am nowhere close to being good enough or being perfect has made me completely reliant on God’s grace. I am a product of grace. My highlights have been in the several occasions where I have had to share my faith in speech or in writing because it is in those times that He has manifest how nothing else matters other than the Great I Am. What holds my faith is the complete dependence on God’s grace.

I joined Daystar University in August 2011 and enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Public Relations concentration. I acknowledge the skills I have in voice and communication and desire to grow in this area. I deferred classes from May semester 2012 till May semester 2013 because of the lack of school fees. On my return, I added another major in Psychology and Counseling because of the conviction God placed in my heart concerning crime in our society. I am passionate about reaching out to others with the skills gained in Public Relations and Psychology and Counselling studies.

My education lays the foundation for my vision to pursue a Master’s program in Forensic Psychology. I have a burden of saving lives through understanding criminal minds and by prediction of behavior to curb insecurity in the society. Understanding the intention of crime could just be the basis of reducing it if not eradicating it altogether. I intend to empower the forensic department of Kenya and Africa as a whole. 

I strongly believe that God has called me to be an ‘Esther’ in my generation. I want to be a link between the corporate world and ministry. The division between the two can be linked by someone who is standing in the gap and I believe that someone is me. Africa is rising and I am rising with it.