Stories of Transformation. The Life Changing Opportunity of a Daystar Scholarship.

Meet Daniel: From Orphan, To Rugby Player, To Scholarship Student, To Servant Leader


I was the only child of my parents. Throughout my life, I had been raised by a single mom. My Dad passed on while I was still a young child. Mom provided everything for all those years until her death in 2009, rendering me a total orphan. I was stuck as I did not know who could pay the rest of my fees in school.

Being a sports person, I was involved in rugby and took part in national games where I was spotted by school coaches for a high school who offered me a scholarship. I joined a school and finished my studies under a full scholarship. Having known that Daystar has an opportunity for needy students I decided to apply for a scholarship because this was the only way I could pay for my fees. Before my scholarship, at times I was forced to take as low as 4 hours in a semester or be out of school for two consecutive semesters.

I have been actively involved in youth ministry back in my church through organizing youth forums and singing in the youth choir. Leading my Bible study group at Daystar has also been a privilege for me and serving as the vice chairman of Daystar Care and Compassion Center has been a great pleasure as we have been able to organize peer counseling trainings. To show compassion and care we were able to conduct a charity car wash in school to help raise funds in assisting one of our lecturers whose daughter passed on after being in the ICU for more than three weeks. As friends we have started an initiative called Educate a Comrade (EDUCOM) to help other students who are going through financial difficulties.

I am also a member of the Daystar Falcons rugby team and also play for Resolution Impala Rugby Club in Nairobi. I also visit with children in Heritage children’s home which is an awesome experience for me because putting a smile on someone else is one of my greatest desires. Just like Jesus is always painting a smile on me.

Business Administration and Management is my field of study. I feel that there are many individuals who need our help in various fields of business. My main aim is to finish my undergraduate studies and go out there to utilize my skills. I am an example of a person who has been empowered and the best way I can benefit society is by giving back with whatever I can. What I have learned in life is that we don’t live for ourselves, but we live for others. This is the sole reason why I want to let someone who is less privileged feel motivated. At Daystar, servant leadership is taught as an important key because I have to serve others, giving them priority before me.

I humbly express my sincere gratitude for you giving me the opportunity to continue with my studies. A big thank you for the support and may God bless you abundantly.