Virtual Prayer Walk Daystar Athi River Campus


#1-2: Main Entrance and Student Courtyard

  • Pray for students as they enter the Daystar Athi River campus that they would encounter God’s presence, peace, and holiness as they come onto campus.

  • Pray for students to put their confidence in God and courage as they find a place of rest on the Athi River campus away from all of the different challenges that they face off campus. Pray that they would place all their anxieties into God’s hands.

  • Pray for students to build strong community with other students as they spend time gathering together at the Daystar Student Courtyard. Pray that as they walk with the wise, they will also grow in Godly wisdom.

#3-6: Daystar Chapel Amphitheater, Biblical and Christian Studies Building, Daystar Prayer Point, Daystar Care and Compassion Counseling Center

  • Pray that God will speak to students in powerful ways through the Word of God every Tuesday during chapel services, Thursday small group Bible studies, Bible classes and prayer times together as students and faculty.

  • Pray for the Christian Ministry Team (Steven Nduto, Rachel Ngugo and Josphat Musili) as they lead Bible studies, discipleship groups and chapel services.

  • Pray for faculty and staff to have wisdom and courage to integrate their faith in the Lord Jesus into all of their teaching and relationships with students.

# 7:  Administration Offices including President (Vice-Chancellor) Laban’s office with others on the leadership team.

  •  Pray for godly wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit for Laban as he leads and sets the direction for the university.

  • Pray for Laban as he meets with students daily that Laban will be filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit   of love, joy, peace, and patience as he shepherds like Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

  • Pray for unity for the leadership team at Daystar.  Pray specifically for others on the leadership team.

Vice President of Academics: Dr. Faith Nguru
Vice President of Finances: Dr. Muturi Wachira
Head of Christian Ministries:  Rev. Steven Nduto
Head of Development, Partnerships and Programs:  Dr. Bernard Boyo
Principal of Nairobi Campus: Dr. Michael Bowen
Head of Coorporate Affairs: Mrs. Damaris Kimilu
Registrar:  Mr. Paul Mbutu

#8-11:  Library, Science and Technology Classes, Communications and Education Classes

  •  Pray for students to work hard in their studies as working unto the Lord. 

  •  Pray that the knowledge that students learn will not puff them up but will motivate them to serve others in love.

  •  Pray for faculty and staff to grow in their teaching abilities and have perseverence to do everything with excellence as unto the Lord.

#12-16:  Residency Halls

  •  Pray for each student to experience God’s peace and safety as they rest every night.  Pray that they would know the grace of our Lord Jesus in abundance.

  •  Pray for strong community in each residence hall as students pray together, share joys and struggles, and grow to become more like Jesus.

  •  Pray for Resident Hall leaders and Resident Assistants (RA) as they counsel, care for and shepherd students in Biblical and godly wisdom as many students are away from home for the first time.

#17-24: Cafeteria, Gym, Basketball and Volleyball Courts, Soccer Fields, Rugby Fields, Doulos Ropes Course, Shine FM radio station, Medical Clinic

  •  Pray for deep friendships and that each student would feel that they belong to the Daystar community.

  •  Pray that each student would have a well-rounded experience at Daystar that they would grow spiritually, educationally, physically, emotionally and socially just as Jesus grew in stature with God and with men.

  •  Pray for students who have not yet put their faith in Jesus Christ.  Pray for believing students to have the love and courage to reach out to them with the love of Christ.

 #25-27:  Faculty, Staff and Administration Housing

  •  Pray for the families of faculty, staff, and administration that each family would be an example of Christ-like love to the Daystar community.

  •  Pray for protection and peace for each member of the Daystar community.

  •  Pray for unity and love towards each other in the Daystar community.

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Devote yourselves to prayer,
being watchful and thankful.

-Colossians 4:2

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