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Thank you for joining us for

Daystar's 2018 Afrizo tour!

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2018 Tour Highlights

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Meet the 2018 Afrizo team!


Manasseh is from Machakos, a town in eastern Kenya. He is in his last semester at Daystar and is very sad that he will be leaving. He is studying communication and public relations.

He loves being a part of Afrizo and says the joy they share is unbelievable. This will be Manasseh's third U.S. tour. He can't wait to see old friends, meet new people, and see snow for the first time!


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Barbara is a song writer from Nairobi and a Music major at Daystar University. She chose Daystar University because of the testimonials of alumni. They told her of a Christian environment of lifelong friendships and a spirit of service. She plans to use her degree to create a space for healing Kenya, then Africa, through music therapy.

She is excited to travel with her friends to share the musical gifts that God has given them and to learn as much as she can from the experience.

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Caroline is from Nairobi and has served in Sing Africa, the Worship Team and now heads a national choir called Shofar. She is studying Electronic Media at Daystar University, with the hopes of using media as a platform to spread the gospel. She chose Daystar University because it was rated one of the best schools in her desired field of study. 

She is super excited to experience a new culture and to sing and sing some more!


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Daisy is a Kenyan citizen born and bred in
South Africa. She has served in Sing Africa as the support crew coordinator. She chose Daystar University because she wanted an environment in which to grow both academically and spiritually. She is studying psychology and hopes to become a counselor, helping people work through their challenges and become better individuals.

She is most excited about experiencing a new culture while on tour and meeting new people.


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Daniel is an international student from
Malawi. He has served in Afrizo, Sing Africa
and the worship team, playing the guitar, bass and drums. He chose to study at Daystar University because of the cultural diversity and the ability to experience God at a personal level. His goals are to use the Communication degree he is pursuing to help restore the media industry and to bring change to his nation, and eventually the world at large. 

He is so excited to meet new people during this tour and to share their music with as many people as he can.


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Priscilla is an international student from
Uganda. She is the former chairperson of Sing Africa, where she is still actively involved, along with serving as the captain of the Daystar Women’s volleyball team. She plays the guitar and is studying music at Daystar University. Her future goal is to teach music and enrich young minds with the knowledge and love of Christ in Africa.

She is excited to travel with her friends and share God's goodness and love through music.