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For nearly 40 years, Daystar University has been providing the finest Christian education for Africans, by Africans. With a current student body exceeding 5,000 and more than 18,000 alumni, thousands of Christian servant leaders are bringing innovation and integrity to their communities.






Daystar U.S. offers a unique opportunity for Americans to have a significant role in the transformation of the African continent. 


"Daystar empowers solutions to systemic leadership issues in Kenya and more than 30 countries in Africa."

-Dr. James Barnes, President, Bethel University


I can think of few ways to make a greater investment in a positive future for the African continent. Supporting Daystar shapes and impacts students' lives and those graduates go on to serve and lead in Africa and across the globe. Having worked for three years in Tanzania, Daystar University alumni were always my "go-to" with hiring. It was almost always a given that Daystar grads would have the knowledge, skills and character we needed to deliver exceptional results."

-Mr. Stephen O'Neil, Headmaster, Vail Christian High School


"Daystar is doing more than meeting a need for education. It is providing a solution for Africa."

-C. William Pollard, former CEO, ServiceMaster