The story of Charles Mully, PhD is one of hope and inspiration.  This man, once a street boy himself, now a successful businessman, has focused his life on helping orphaned children.  His organization, Mully Children’s Family, helps to transform the lives of street children.  Dr. Mully has been helping these children for more than 20 years, and he recognizes the need for these young people to receive quality Christian higher education.  Three of these orphans (below: Timothy, Celestine, and Joseph) have graduated from Daystar University and another student is currently attending. 

                            Timothy, Celestine, and Joseph, they graduated from Daystar University in July.

                            Timothy, Celestine, and Joseph, they graduated from Daystar University in July.

“When my mother passed on at my tender age of five, I did not know what fate would befall my life until I was rescued by The Mully Children’s Family.  Having the opportunity to pursue a career in Education at Daystar University marked one of my greatest dreams come true. God’s faithfulness was indeed sufficient. I could not ask to be anywhere else. Daystar has helped me grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually.”  ~Celestine  

“I was rescued from the streets of Mombasa town as a street boy when Dr. Charles Mully came and established a branch of Mully Children’s Family.  I went through the system of education and did my grade 12 national examination while in the children’s home.  Joining Daystar was among my highest moments in life.  Daystar University, being a Christian institution, really with the best virtues of humility, servant leadership, among others, deeply rooted in me and I am very proud to be where Daystar University has taken me.  Since I graduated in July, I have been volunteering at Mully Children’s Family, Yatta branch, as a community development officer.”  ~Timothy

"I came to Daystar through support from a Good Samaritan who rescued me when I had no hope in life. At the time of my rescue, I was living in the streets. Being a member of the Mully family has been a great experience. The family has played a very big role in my rehabilitation process, taught me the word of God and also took me to School.  He educated me and provided all basic care from the age of twelve.  When I was in my second year at Daystar University my guardian ran out of funds and had to defer two consecutive semesters from school. At this time I applied for the Daystar University scholarship and, thank God, my application was considered and got 100% academic support including full board. Daystar University has prepared me well to serve in Kenya by providing me with spiritual nourishment, servant leadership skills and quality education. I have also participated in various sports activities which have also helped me grow holistically. I believe God will bring light in my family and community through me. I also thank God for my transformation." ~Joseph

Daystar U.S. helps many young people such as Timothy, Celestine, and Joseph.  This year we hope to assist more than 200 students through scholarship assistance, which could be a one-time grant or perhaps a full scholarship (and just about everything in between).    Please consider watching the movie to see how one man has changed the lives of so many – you too can be part of that change!  Please consider donating to help one of the many students who are struggling at Daystar, including our orphans and refugees – they are waiting and praying for a miracle – a miracle of Hope.