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“The equipment is a tremendous, well-deserved gift for these amazing students. As a physician, I always wondered where the “old” hospital beds and equipment (which was only a couple of years old) went in order to get the newest and latest. Now I know. It is collected and shipped all over the world to deserving hospitals and programs.”

Doctor E, on the equipment donated by Daystar U.S. donors

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Your gift to Daystar U.S. is a key source of financial support that greatly expands the impact of Daystar University. Daystar is financially self-sustaining through student tuition. However, your gift provides scholarships, enables capital expansion, and enriches each student’s experience at Daystar. Every gift makes a difference and will help Daystar U.S. continue to support Daystar University’s commitment to high quality programs grounded in Biblical truth and centered on Jesus Christ.

Our 2018 goal is to raise $200,000

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