Generational Impact: Lessons from Daystar Scholarship Students

During every visit to Daystar University, our staff is overwhelmed by the wisdom and gratitude poured out by the scholarship students supported through our office. As each of the students share stories of their childhood, their financial hardships, and their seemingly impossible dreams, several themes standout. This blog series is inspired by these students who are now our teachers in the lessons of life, faith, and service.

Proverbs 2:10 – “Wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.”


Generational Impact

Have you thought about what you want to be remembered for? That’s a question you might not think about too often. When you leave this world and others think back over your life, what do you want them to remember most? Is it your love for others? Your faith? Your career, money, family, or talents? Most Daystar students who have received a scholarship through the support of U.S. donors already know the answer to that question. Many express a desire to impact generations to come, knowing that a life that passes on knowledge, wisdom, and love to others will accomplish so much more than a life focused on self.


The desire to impact generations is not a new concept. In fact, it is rooted deeply in our faith. In Genesis 12, Abraham’s faith in God’s command to leave his country and go to a new land would impact generations far beyond that which he could see, according to God’s promise to him. In Deuteronomy 6, God commands his people to impress His commandments upon their children, teaching them of His mighty works done in Egypt, so that generations to come would honor the Lord as God and experience blessings in the land. Finally, in his letter to Timothy, Paul instructs him to pass on his faith and teachings “to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2). Daystar students profess that their lives are changed because others invested in them.

James, pictured with his father, graduated this June.

James, pictured with his father, graduated this June.

Having received much, what is it that Daystar scholarship students wish to pass on to others? Alfred, a current scholarship student, wants to use mass communications tactics to pass along the message of salvation to Kenya’s lost. Victor also wants to literally impact generations—grandparents, parents, and children—by uniting and restoring families via broadcasted Christian programming. Salome, now in her third year at Daystar, wants to pass on to children encouragement and love by starting a children’s home. Regardless of their exact passion, Daystar scholarship students believe they will impact generations to come in Africa.


Their impact will be infinitely greater when they “multiply” their efforts—impacting people who in turn impact others—than if they merely “add” one success to another in their own lives. The Daystar impact is contagious, and we have seen that a single Daystar alum may impact hundreds, if not thousands, of people in their lifetimes. So keep watching; Africa is changing before our very eyes.