Alumni Report: John

John Ndegwa studied communication and marketing at Daystar University. When he graduated in 1999, he asked himself, “How can I glorify God in what I do?” John didn’t think he had the right skills to become a pastor but knew whatever he did, he wanted to have a role in furthering God’s Kingdom.

John always had an interest in tourism and so with one van and a dream to serve, John started Aramati Safaris. He started his tourism company with the intention of accommodating pastors and missionaries in particular. “I might not be a good pastor, but at least I can serve them,” John said.

Aramati means ‘stewardship’ in John’s native language. “It is a constant reminder that I am a steward to God’s resources, my clients, and my employees.” John now has four vans and four drivers. He is good to his employees, paying them fair wages and even giving them opportunities to buy the vans they drive, so they can have a stake in the company.

Aramati Safaris has proved itself to be a reliable company, earning the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) bonded rating. Aramati provides transportation, lodging, safaris, and all the details in between. John serves clients such as Calvin College and Habitat for Humanity.

John gives the success of his business to God and Daystar University. “When I look back, I see how Daystar prepared me. Daystar is impacting Africa with wholesome education.”