Water Project Fundraising Complete!


We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our office’s fundraising goal of $750,000 for Daystar University's sustainable Water Project! It took longer than we had hoped, but we knew that God had a plan. We praise Him for blessing this project and we are so grateful for His provision. We are so thankful for those of you who helped us reach this goal!

As you probably remember, this project is the most pressing need at Daystar's Athi River Campus. Simply, the plan is to build a sustainable catchment system to collect, filter, and store water. Only upon its completion can Daystar continue to expand this campus to include more dormitories for its growing student population, faculty housing, more classroom facilities, and even a small hospital.  When accomplished, this will meet all of the water supply needs of Daystar and even help meet the water needs of the surrounding community.

Without Water in Daystar’s Hostels

Maureen’s alarm clock flashes the time in red numbers: 4:00AM. 

She just woke up so she can beat the Nairobi traffic and make it to her appointment on time. Maureen stumbles to the bathroom to begin her early morning routine. She turns the faucet, but only a couple spurts of water spat out—then nothing. 

“Ugh! Not again.” Maureen moans. She experiences this kind of water shortage weekly in the hostel where she lives on Daystar’s Athi River campus.

These kind of water shortages affect all 2,500+ students residing on campus. They find that regular interruptions to cooking, cleaning, laundry, and basic hygienic routines distract their focus from their studies. 

The Sustainable Water Project at Daystar University will help meet not only these students’ needs, but also the water needs in the community surrounding the Athi River campus. 

Water Project Comissioning3.jpg
Water Project Comissioning1.jpg

Daystar University held a ground breaking ceremony at its Athi River Campus on April 6, 2017. Though the total cost of the project has increased to $1,000,000, the university is committed to this project and is funding the remainder through grants or borrowed funds.*

This was much more than a fundraising effort. This project is an investment into the lives and futures of many who currently or will one day attend Daystar University. Students who attend Daystar experience a Christ-centered transformation that equips them to touch hundreds of lives after graduation. Thank you for your prayers and support of this project.

*To meet this revised total cost, Daystar University applied for a grant to Coca Cola Foundation for the remaining funds needed. If you have connections with any other foundations or funding sources to assist with the balance, please contact our office at info@daystarus.org.