Meet the Class of 2017

Last weekend, on July 1, 2017, over 700 students graduated from Daystar University. Of those graduating, 27 were supported by Daystar U.S. and donors in the United States. These students exude humility, grace, and perseverance. We want to introduce you to a few of these world-changers so you can see the amazing individuals your gifts supported this year: 


Degree: Communication

"After graduation I will join the political world to ensure that our women in Kenya have a voice and are no longer marginalized."


Degree: Electronic Media

"I compare coming to Daystar to Peter walking on water. Everything at Daystar revolves around growth, transformation, and hope. All of these are contagious, and in my opinion, is what makes every Daystar alumni unique amongst people." 


Degree: Communication

"I have always dreamed of being a professor. It would create an opportunity for me to impart wisdom and knowledge to young men and women who can be of great help in shaping the values of Kenya."


Degree: Communication

"My educational pursuits would not have been possible without your generous support. Because of your scholarship I now have the ability to help less fortunate and underrepresented people in Kenya."


Degree: Public Relations

"My dream is to tell stories through acting, singing, and dancing. I want to give hope to others through my art."


Degree: Electronic Media

"Ultimately, what I have learned at Daystar is that miracles happen and that love is real. No, I didn’t witness a blind man get his sight back. What I did see was a young man with no chance at a university education get a chance to walk the corridors of Daystar University because of a love gift from complete strangers thousands of miles across a big ocean. Thank you. You have made a difference in my life and shaped the future of Africa in the process. God bless you."


Degree: Public Relations

"I was so excited to join Daystar. It is one of the best universities in Kenya. My time at Daystar really added value to my life and I will now be the change in my marginalized community where girls hardly have a chance to go to primary school. Through me, my people will have access to important and crucial information and their voice will be heard."


Thank you for your support of Daystar University. It is only through your gifts that we are able to provide opportunities for individuals like this to achieve their dream of a college education.