Student Profile: Faith

Faith Kosgei (13-1850).JPG

My name is Faith and I am the youngest in a family of five. We were brought up by a single mother. She tried her best to send us to school but sometimes she couldn’t even afford to pay for our basic needs. My older siblings didn’t manage to finish their studies because life was too hard, and they are still struggling today. My hope in Christ helped me persist in my education and made me strong everyday. High school was challenging for me because I had to spend most of my time out of class because we could not afford the fees. But God saw me through and my grades were good enough to go to college.

I joined Daystar University in January 2014. I came to school having only 5,000 Kenyan shillings ($50) and went through the orientation program. After that it was not easy to pay the fees. I met some friends who told me about financial aid where I met Jennifer, Daystar University’s financial aid officer. She took me through the steps to apply for a scholarship and by January 2015 I received a full scholarship. This helped me greatly because I was able to concentrate on my studies and give it my best. If it wasn’t for the Daystar U.S. scholarship I can’t tell you what could have happened to me.


I studied mass communication and electronic media and graduated in July 2017. At Daystar I learned to be a servant leader and that is the most important thing I am taking with me to the professional world. I want to have a positive impact on people. I am trusting God to give me a job opportunity and want to serve Him my entire life. My dream is to open a children’s home so I can give back to my community. Eventually I would like to get my master's degree.

Thank you so much for your gift and for the sacrifice that you made so I could study at Daystar University. May the Lord bless you more and more so that you may continue to bless others.