Daystar University's Afrizo - 2018 Tour Recap

It seems like just yesterday when six students from halfway across the world stepped out of the airport in Minneapolis and were greeted warmly, despite the sub-zero temperatures. What followed was a whirlwind month of singing, dancing, serving, laughing, and ministering with people of all kinds throughout the country while sharing the mission of Daystar University. These students exemplified the sort of people Daystar is developing - creative, intelligent servant leaders equipped to transform Africa. 

2018 Afrizo team - Daisy, Barbara, Daniel, Manasseh, Caroline, and Priscilla

2018 Afrizo team - Daisy, Barbara, Daniel, Manasseh, Caroline, and Priscilla

The team was presented with a large task to undertake - 25+ shows in 28 days across 5 states. The goal of the tour was to raise funds for the mission of Daystar. These dollars will help to advance existing projects and allow more students the ability to receive a life changing, Christ-centered education. They sang in schools, churches, retirement communities, living rooms, and cafes. They saw the snowy mountains of Colorado and heard the waves of the Atlantic Ocean hit the shoreline of Florida. They danced with preschoolers and prayed with retired missionaries. These ambassadors shared their testimonies and helped forge new connections with Daystar University.


Minnesota | Pennsylvania | Colorado | Florida | North Carolina

What follows below are snapshots from life on tour, and some reflections on the month from the team members themselves. 

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Thoughts on host homes:

“we created a bond and we will never forget any of them.” - Caroline

“we see many things in the media that are not true about America and it was nice to see life here for what it is.” - Priscilla

“I loved the moments we sat at the dining table to talk about God, life, Daystar, and music. Those had the most impact in me.” - Manasseh

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What tour taught you about servant leadership:

“To be a great leader, I have to be very selfless, intentional about leading as well as serving, and be able to see others through God’s eyes.” - Daniel

“Leading is not always about being at the forefront. It can be staying behind to make sure that everyone is ok, that no one is lagging alone. It can be doing the final sweep of a room after everyone has left. It is following Jesus and it is a lot of love.” - Barbara

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How tour has changed your worldview:

“I had no idea the level of love and support people had for Daystar, and the desire they all had to see our students excel in their studies.” - Daisy

“There are a lot of good people around the world who are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life through donations, advice, and something as simple as a smile.” - Daniel


Favorite part of tour:

“I did enjoy the beauty of the mountains in Vail. It was overwhelmingly beautiful.” - Caroline

“Going ice skating with a host family, Priscilla and I slipped a couple of times (I fell many times) but it was so much fun. An ice hockey coach had pity on me and gave me a mini lesson on how to not be a newborn giraffe on the ice and by the end of the night I could sort of muddle my way through skating sans a rail.” - Barbara

“Every time we got on stage and I would see the people moved by the Spirit through the music.” - Priscilla

Daystar U.S. staff and the 2018 Afrizo team

Daystar U.S. staff and the 2018 Afrizo team

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make this tour so special. The host families that opened their homes up to house the students and share life with them. The students that acted as tour guides to show what their schools and communities had to offer. The churches that hosted events and worked so hard to promote them. Those who attended the concerts and sang and danced. Those who prayed for the team as they traveled, especially during snowy drives and delayed flights. Those who donated to ensure that Daystar University can continue to grow and educate the next generation of African leaders.

This year's tour had a goal of raising $60,000 which has not yet been fully met. Though the month may be over, the opportunity to give in response to the blessing of Afrizo is not. Tours such as this rely entirely on donations and can only happen when they prove to be financially sustainable. If you did not have a chance to give this time around and would like to, or would like to increase your donation, please click the button below. It is only through the generous support of our donors that Daystar U.S. is able to continue to provide teams like Afrizo the opportunity to share the good news of the work God is doing in Africa through Daystar University.

Thank you, asante sana.

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