The Smile of Grace in Motherhood: Part 3

Editor's Note: This is the third in a four part Mother's Day series written by 2013 Daystar alumna and Daystar U.S. scholarship recipient, Dorcas Koome. Part 1 can be found HERE

Motherhood: The Place of TrustHe is ALL Sufficient

I was amazed to know that El Shaddai—the all sufficient, more than enough love of God is compared with a young one contentedly nursing at their mother’s breast. El means “strong one,” and Shaddai originates from the word for the breast in Hebrew. Just as the breastfeeding baby is totally dependent on her mother to survive, God is our protector, nourisher and comforter. David said that God taught him to trust while at his mother’s breast.

Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother's breast Psalm 22:9, NIV

If motherhood is the place where so many life-shaping transactions take place in the life of the young children, why would God give this huge responsibility to fallen, limited persons like me? If you are a mother, you definitely know those moments…times you are so sure that this is what you would rather be doing and then there are times when you wonder how you’ll pull through another day. You look at the innocent life in your hands and you want to be the best mother they will have. Sometimes you cry along with them. On other occasions, you are bone-tired and you wish somebody could take them away long enough for you to feel yourself!

Motherhood is a journey not a destination. Motherhood is a journey of faith. Faith that what the word of God says is true and you believe it. Every season from infancy to toddlerhood to preschool to childhood, preteen, and teenage will come with different highs and lows for the mother. It’s a journey full of the miraculous. God has a place in his heart for mothers. Mothers’ prayers for their children touch the heart of God.

brave 2.jpg

These words I am speaking to myself even now as I pen them down. Fellow mom, remember you're not alone. This is the message that has become my life motto. Cheering another on! I believe this is the transformative servant leadership I learned at Daystar University. Because I have been at a very low point, I want to encourage another. So they don't fall to the bottom. Or if they've fallen I want them to know they can get up. I am here to hold you. We will not allow the enemy to isolate our wounded soldiers so that he can devour them. We'll hedge them in and encourage them to get up and fight for their lives. We'll not allow fear, guilt and shame to chain us to our past. We'll remember we are not alone. We'll remember the COURAGE our Savior had fighting for us against the powers of darkness. He descended to the depths and resurrected and ascended on high, taking away the power and sting of death and sin.

This Easter God ministered to my soul in profound way. Those words:  IT IS FINISHED made new sense and I had fresh revelation. Of the magnificent power available to us. That Christ is risen and He’s on the throne. That THE LORD IS GOOD.

 The LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147:11


The resurrection power of Christ is alive in us and we are free in Jesus name. This is what inspires me about the journey of motherhood. You are often unsure. Am sure dads are too at times. It's even more real when long distance characterizes your marriage. To be honest there are the tough days. You feel so alone. So lonely. You want to wish you can snap your fingers and change things. In those moments you can numb, medicate with vanity, grumble, or share with your spouse with honesty and hope for compassion and pray with childlike faith to God who hears.

As moms, we just need to stop holding on to God and let ourselves be held by him. In the arms of the God who will never let go as the band Casting Crowns state in their song Just Be Held. Our attitude matters. When we're weak He's strong. As we are juggling the balls of life, dealing with personal issues and learning on the job, He is faithful. He will not let us fall or fail. He will uphold us; let us allow Him to hold us.


Dorcas Koome

An advocate of hope, a wife, mother, lover of children, homemaking and photography - a child of God. Dorcas is married to Steve. Her passion is in speaking the heart of God to broken, wounded hearts all around shaped by low self-esteem, rejection and loss of identity. After overcoming a bout of depression and hopelessness, she decided to focus on encouraging and challenging single and married women to find their worth in God and keep showing up knowing that even behind the perceived or real closed doors, God is always working to fulfill the good plans He has for them, His children. Dorcas is currently a Project Manager and PA to the CEO at Timeless Women of Wonder (TWOW), in Nairobi Kenya. She is an Alumni of Daystar University where her values of faith, courage and integrity were clarified and molded to transformative servant leadership, a journey she is still on.

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