Forging New Friendships: Daystar's Newest Leader Visits the U.S.

We are so thankful for the leadership and vision of our new Daystar University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Laban Ayiro. It was a huge blessing to spend the last week together in Minnesota as we serve together in the Daystar family.


Daystar U.S. staff along with Daystar U.S. Board member Bill Boulware were so happy to welcome Dr. Laban Ayiro, Daystar’s new Vice-Chancellor (third from right), as well as Prof. Henry Thairu, Chairman of the Daystar University Council (Board) (third from left) and Rev. MacMillan Kiiru, Chairman of the Daystar University Company (Trustees) (second from left).


Our Daystar U.S. Board enjoyed mutually encouraging meetings together with our African colleagues.


Board members and friends prayed together for our new Vice-Chancellor.


Laban shared his life story and vision for Daystar.


Dr. Jay Barnes, President of Bethel University, was honored by Dr. Frank Lloyd, Daystar U.S. Board Chairman, for his service on our Daystar U.S. Board for the past 9 years.

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Laban visited Hope Presbyterian Church which has supported Daystar for over 30 years. David Lenz (left), Hope’s senior pastor, is a member of the Daystar U.S. Board.


Wooddale Church, a faithful church friend of Daystar for over 30 years, thanked Dr. Thairu and Rev. Kiiru for their partnership. Dale Hummel, senior pastor, prayed for God’s blessing on the ministry of Daystar.

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We had a wonderful lunch together at the home of Bob and Donna Oehrig. Bob (first on the right) served at Daystar University for over 20 years and was the Executive Director of Daystar U.S. for 9 years. Senator Samuel Poghisio (second on the right) is a distinguished Daystar University alumnus who serves as a Senator in the Kenyan Parliament. He was a featured speaker at the Minnesota Prayer breakfast. He leads the Kenyan Prayer Breakfast and was the first non-American to address the Minnesota Prayer breakfast. You can see his story in the below video link (from 45:42-55:50).


We strengthened our long term partnership with University of Northwestern. (President Dr. Alan Cureton, Dr. Janet Sommers, and Dr. Pam Solvie (from right to left)). Janet and Pam are displaying the traditional Maasai "shukas" they received from Daystar's leaders.


We toured Bethel University’s nursing program with Dr. Diane Dahl, chair of Bethel’s nursing department.


We enjoyed lunch together with Dr. Jay Barnes, President of Bethel University.


We had the opportunity to meet with Todd Rasmuson (former Daystar U.S. Executive Director for 5 years) (first on the right) and Daystar friend, David Thorson (second on the left).

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Laban spent some special family time with Daystar U.S. Executive Director Alan and his parents and family.

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The Daystar U.S. team with Laban before his departure. We pray for him and are excited about God’s plan for Daystar.