New Daystar Law Program to Bring Hope to a Continent

Quality of governance is a major obstacle to development in Africa. There is no doubt that legal professionals play a major role in the structuring and operations of governments. Africa is in dire need of legal professionals of integrity. In order to address this need, Daystar University has developed a unique Bachelor of Law curriculum that emphasizes ethics and accountability to man and God. 

In the face of governments that are riddled with corruption, the development of servant leaders with integrity is the greatest need in Africa. Daystar graduates are leaders prepared to do just that – stand up for truth in a world that seems to offer no hope for a solution.

Each year approximately 1,000 students from more than 30 different countries in Africa graduate from Daystar. More than 90% of these graduates remain in Africa. In fact, a significant number return home with a commitment to be involved in the development of their community.

Daystar’s liberal arts approach to training will ensure that its graduates are well-rounded professionals who integrate faith and learning with innovative law practices. The University plans to launch the program this spring and bring a new hope of integrity and transformation to the African continent.