Daystar University's Afrizo completes 2017 tour

Almost as quickly as it began, Afrizo's 2017 U.S. tour has officially come to an end. The talented group of five Daystar students made their way across the United States, spreading the mission of Daystar University through vibrant music. Their goal was to raise scholarship funds for fellow students who cannot afford tuition. It was a whirlwind of a month! See just how much they accomplished in 25 short days:

Bonnke, Maureen, Dorine, Manasseh and Carolyne made up Afrizo's 2017 tour group.

Afrizo's 2017 tour group was made up of (L-R) Bonnke, Maureen, Dorine, Manasseh, and Carolyne. 

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Afrizo Tour Coordinator, Rochelle (L) and Daystar U.S. Executive Director, Kathy (R), traveled with Afrizo for much of the tour and worked hard to make sure things ran smoothly.

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Afrizo performed a variety of concerts in five states: Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona. They sang at churches, for elementary schools, on airplanes, at colleges, in homes, and in retirement communities. Honestly, it was hard to get them to stop singing!

Dorine said, "I've learned that whether one is black or white, there are always things that can bring us together-- like music."

Afrizo played for a full house at Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Southern Pines, North Carolina. 

After experiencing bad weather and long delays on an airplane, Afrizo started singing and raised $400 for Daystar from delighted travelers!

Afrizo was blessed by gracious families who opened their homes and gave the students a comfortable place to stay. Bonnke said, "My favorite memory from the tour was staying with the host families, who welcomed us and made us feel at home."

Afrizo members also stayed at Bethel and Northwestern University while in Minnesota. They stayed in the dorms with other students and quickly made lasting friendships.


Afrizo got all dressed up for a beautiful home concert in Arizona. 


Fitting Afrizo, their instruments, and all their luggage into various vans and cars always proved to be an interesting puzzle to solve. 

Cheese steak sandwiches in Philadelphia were unanimously Afrizo's favorite American food. Also on the list: meatloaf, breakfast casserole, lasagna, and Mexican food.

Afrizo experienced snow for the first time and even had the opportunity to go snowmobiling and sledding in Minnesota!

Although Afrizo worked hard and performed 23 concerts in 25 days, they had time for fun too, like driving through Florida in a BMW convertible! 


The student's worldview changed during their time traveling with Afrizo. Manasseh said, "We are all just the same, bound by Christ's love. We have similar challenges politically and socially. This tour has allowed me to look at life from an American's perspective and I thank God for the opportunity."

Afrizo made lasting memories traveling across the U.S.: meeting new people, seeing new things, and trying new food. But ultimately, Afrizo has a larger purpose and mission: to raise scholarship funds for their friends at Daystar who, without the help of generous supporters in the U.S., cannot afford the life changing opportunities an education at Daystar offers.  

Hear from Manasseh why your continued support is so important: