Daystar University

Daystar University is an interdenominational Christian liberal arts university in Nairobi, Kenya.
For nearly 40 years, Daystar has been providing the finest Christian education
for Africans, by Africans.  

Daystar University is working to educate Christian Servant-Leaders to transform Africa and the world. With a current student body exceeding 4,000 and more than 14,000 alumni, thousands of Christian Servant-Leaders are bringing innovation and integrity to their communities.

Where Daystar Alumni Are Serving

From the corporate offices of CNN Africa to the Bunia Children’s Hope Centre in Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Daystar Alumni are in high demand. Multi-national companies, regional businesses, and NGO's of all sizes are seeking the superior education, skills, and Servant-Leader qualities of Daystar graduates.

Nairobi Alumni Chapter


South Sudan Alumni Chapter

We love our donors! From one-time gifts to recurring monthly donations, we run around the office shouting Asante sana! (Swahili for thank you very much!) when a gift of any size is received. 

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